Our New Backup Service

We’ve invested in backup solution specifically for use by our clients.  We've spoken to a lot of our clients about backing up their data, more to the point backing up to the Cloud or retaining backups Off-Site. 


What we've discovered is:


1.       Very few trust "Cloud" backup providers, be it for Privacy or Security.

2.       Very few actually retain an off-site copy.

3.       Very few monitor their local backups to make sure they are working.

4.       Some don't think they have enough important data to require and pay for offsite backup.


So we've decided to make this investment help you to fill that Disaster Recovery Gap.  Here are some bullet points that may help you decide if this is a solution you need.


1.       Designed to Supplement your local backups by performing/storing data copy to our office, locally, by a company you trust.

2.       Pay-Per-Gigabyte, only pay for the space you need, not for space you don't.

3.       Your data is transferred over secure 128-Bit HTTPS Encryption1.

4.       Your data is optionally encrypted/stored using 128-Bit AES Encryption before it is transferred to our storage array (using an encryption password of your choice).

5.       After your initial backup, your data is manually or scheduled to update your files using Delta Backup, a type of Incremental backup that only copies the portion of your data that has changed (This requires less internet bandwidth resources).

6.       Our Backup Client can be used on Windows, Mac, and Linux Operating systems.

7.       With optional File Versioning, you can restore older versions of your files2.

8.       You can access and restore/download your files from your control panel by logging on with your username and password.

9.       You can optionally have a backup report sent to you on completion or only if there are backup errors.

10.   With our optional OCSBox, you can sync your files much like Google Drive or MS OneDrive. There is no extra cost involved as it uses the storage space you've already paid for.

11.   Backup all your devices with only one account,  you purchase storage space not licenses like other cloud services3.

12.   No Operating System dependent fees (e.g. Server or Workstation OS's), again, you pay for the storage4.


1Our HTTPS Security Certificate is Self-Signed and your Browser will warn you of this fact. Simply add a Certificate Exception to your Browser.

2Not all data files, such as Database files will have versioning options.

3Global settings will apply to all devices, such as versioning and deletion retention. You may wish to purchase a separate user account if you required different settings.

4A separate license may be need if you require separate settings, for example a different encryption key.