Malware Clean-up

How many virus and Trojans exist? Well that is a difficult question to answer.

Doing an internet search on the subject doesn't provide much results. Suffice it to say there are well over 100,000 Trojans/Viruses out there. Unfortunately, like everything else computer related that changes, Viruses, Worms, and Trojans aren't what they used to be. They are much more sophisticated now, with the ability to replicate and rename, self-encrypt, hide from AV (rootkits), Resident vs. non-resident, self-modifying, polymorphic and metamorphic. Etc.

Well that's just the beginning, enter "Malware" , Malware can be considered all of the previously mentioned with the addition of well-known trusted apps/programs with embedded code that can cause annoyances, popups, track your browsing and purchasing habits, send your information to nefarious individuals, etc.

Because of this new Malware threat, Anti-Virus companies are playing catch-up more than ever before. Old school Anti-Virus companies are still using Signature Based definitions to scan for known threats, Signature Only based Anti-Virus doesn't work well when the threat has the ability to hide within legitimate programs or even worse the ability to changes its owe code in order hide.

Anyway, long story short, IT'S COMPLICATED! We clean up infected devices and recommend steps to take to avoid having your device compromised to begin with.