Cleanup and Optimization

Let's face it, everyone has seen at least one commercial that claims it can "optimize" your PC and make it 100% faster.... nope, it's never going to happen! Save your money.

Most of these "Optimizers" are useless and their main goal is for you to give them your credit card number and bill you every year. Don't get us started on "Driver Updaters", if it ain't broke, don't try to fix it!

Truth is most people only really need to have their computer cleaned up once every 6 months. Have a professional do this for you just like you would take your car to a trusted source for a tune up.

We can clean up your systems temp and temporary files, remove un-needed windows and third party update files, disable unnecessary start up programs and services. There are trusted programs that we use that don't cost anything for basic clean up and you can run them yourself for free. We will also clean out the dust and debris from the inside of your PC's fans and surfaces (no program can do that for you!)

Oh, and yes, a PC with a clogged CPU Fan will overheating and will cause performance problems.